Real Estate Law

Commercial Leases

We assist both landlords and tenants in preparing and negotiating all types of commercial leases, such as office, retail and warehouse leases.

Commercial Sales and Acquisitions

We aid both sellers and buyers in commercial real estate purchases, including those structured as 1031 exchange transactions.

Real Estate Transactions

We also help clients with a variety of real estate transactions not described elsewhere on this page, such as easement agreements, subleases, subordination agreements, retitling of property and subdivision of existing parcels.


We represent owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers concerning both private and public construction issues.

Contract Reviews

Clients often ask us to review existing or proposed real estate agreements, such as leases, purchase agreements and condominium documents, to name a few.

Real Estate Disputes

We assist clients with real estate disputes that are in the pre-litigation phase.

Condominium Issues

We provide services to developers, condominium associations and owners in a wide array of matters pertaining to condominiums.

Oil & Gas Issues

We represent both individual landowners and groups of landowners in oil & gas transactions.

Form Documents

Clients often ask us to prepare form documents, such as lease agreements, purchase agreements and easements.

Residential Purchases/Leases

We represent parties involved in the purchase and/or leasing of residential properties.

Land Contracts

We help both buyers and sellers with the drafting and negotiation of land contracts.