Business Law

Business Sales and Acquisitions

We guide both buyers and sellers through business acquisitions, including the drafting, reviewing, and negotiating of asset and stock purchase agreements.

Commercial Transactions

We assist clients in drafting and negotiating a wide variety of commercial transactions, including loan transactions, personal property acquisitions, employment and independent contractor agreements, joint ventures and supply/service agreements.

Securities/Private Placements

We guide business people who are looking to raise capital, including venture capital, through the challenges of complying with state and federal securities requirements.

Franchise and Distribution Matters

We assist both sellers and buyers in preparing, reviewing and negotiating franchise and distribution documents.

Business Reorganizations

We help clients with various kinds of business reorganizations, such as owner buyouts, the creation of new ownership classes, conversions, split-ups and spin-offs.

Limited Liability Company/Corporate Organizations

We help clients form and organize all types of business entities, including limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations.

Commercial Disputes

We help our clients pursue resolution of various types of commercial disputes before they end up in court.

Business Owner Disputes

Unfortunately, owners of closely held businesses often end up in disputes with each other. We assist business owners in their efforts to settle such conflicts prior to litigation.

Employment Issues

We provide primarily employers, but also employees, with a wide range of assistance on employment issues, including the preparation of employment-related agreements and handbooks, complying with employment laws and handling employee terminations/separations.

Form Agreements

We prepare form agreements for our business clients to use in their operations, including form purchase agreements/orders, terms and conditions of sale or services, non-competition agreements, etc.

Contract Reviews

We review proposed or existing contracts for clients and help them understand the terms.

Non-Profit Organizations

We assist both new and existing non-profit organizations in organizing and/or reorganizing their businesses.

Workouts (Creditor)

We help business clients with financial challenges negotiate agreements with their creditors in an effort to avoid bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings.

Business Dissolutions

We help business entities dissolve and liquidate their assets.